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Contribute to or support Ho-Lee-Fooks
From time to time, Ho-Lee-Fooks may have an expense that is not covered by existing subscription fees.
Or, we may offer to be a clearinghouse for a support effort, whether private or public.

This page is for non-subscription payments. You enter the amount of your contribution.
There is a box to enter a comment that accompanies your payment. Please identify your HLF username and what your contribution is for.

Contributions to Ho-Lee-Fooks or any of its support efforts is not a valid tax deduction. This enterprise is only an online community supporting its own, and is not registered with federal or state authorities.

Please, click the button below to contribute to or support Ho-Lee-Fooks.

Elbedo Enterprises is the current authorized agent for You do not need a PayPal account to send a payment. PayPal is only the clearinghouse for all HLF  transactions.

Thanks! in advance for your support! You will get an email receipt from PayPal. Please check your email.

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