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I only lost 678 bucks yesterday but am thinking with the nervous tits out there it will drop like a rock at opening. Taking your profits is a good thing and something one should do when the market is up. All the crying and whining will do no good at this point.
Bought some Disney this morning...a bargain at this price.
Looking better today so far. I've gained back half of my losses from yesterday at this point. Plenty of time for shit to go south though.

I should have bought on the dip as well, but I didn't.
(03-20-2018, 08:54 AM)WiMStang Wrote: Taking your profits is a good thing..

Exactly correct. This is part of the life cycle. If not for profit then why buy? Shockingly many miss this point, or fail to act according to their interests.
Fuck part deux.
Put another 5G in late today to make some buys.
Damn, I’m all in. Need another paycheck to pick up a few bargains. Big Grin
Holy cow! It's like Christmas all over again.. WOOHOO!!!
I'm still waiting for the real drop.  I'm looking for something in the 22,000 range
No spell checkers or grammar nazi were harmed (or consulted) in the making of this post.

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