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Knife Sharpening Rig
Nice. Fillet knives have soft metal. A stone works quickly on them. Next time you get to ParkFalls St. Croix has beautiful great fillet knives made there for $69. My 12 Rapala is getting replaced next time I go there.
(11-20-2017, 09:40 PM)Juggernaut Wrote: Yep, the stropping puts a finer edge on it. It's amazing the difference it makes. Truth be known, I use an old leather belt as well, and it works the same.

Throw some jeweler's rouge on the leather, it'll polish up even more.
"It never ceases to amaze me, the lengths that people will go, in order to prove how utterly stupid they are."
I don't want rouge on my work belt.  Tongue
(11-20-2017, 09:03 PM)Lurch77 Wrote: Amazon got the kit to my door in one day. Nice. So I tried it out on a few knives around the house. My son's cheap Gerber, and a Klein I found on the job. The Gerber came out very sharp. The Klein was very dull. Whoever lost it on the job used it as a screwdriver, a prybar, a pick, and who knows what else. So I started with the extra course and reset the profile at 25°. Then progressed through to the polishing stone. Then for shits and giggles I used the back of my well worn leather work belt as a strop. And holy shit! This is now the sharpest knife I've ever owned. It'll shave hair off. Slice paper clean with no snagging. Very impressed, especially given it's condition before I started.

Of course Sterling's and my good hunting knives are up at the cabin. So I haven't tried it on those yet. We'll take the kit with and do it up there.

One downside I found was while trying to do a cheap rapala filet knife. This requires a 17° angle. Normally it should be a very sharp but fragile edge. This Lansky kit had trouble with clearance at this shallow angle and thin width blade. The stones would contact the clamp screws. And it turns out this knife uses complete garbage for metal. I couldn't get it to take a good edge no matter what. But it was a bargain bin knife. Think it was 99¢ when I 15 years ago.
Heres a small tip to restore the finish on the klein blade stick it in a potato over knight potatoes will act like gun bluing and darken the blade up pretty nicely :p

As for gerbers they might be cheap in price some times but never cheap in quality. Same goes for kershaw  But lansky and lansky like sharpening systems all work really well they just take a long time to set the angle the first time. Chances are the angle is way off to start and your going to have to remove loads of material.

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