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Field Day 2017
Nice pano showing the parking lot. You can see our hex beam for 20 meters over on the wood structure, and the CrankIR vertical for 40 meters which is the pole in the parking area.

To be the best requires the most.
Lovin' that solitude.
I don't need anger management, I need stupid people to stop pissing me off.
(06-28-2017, 07:01 PM)WiMStang Wrote: Cool I think...please explain to me exactly what it is that is accomplished?  Sorry but I just don't get it.

Official? Simulated emergency communications event within your local area, with local folks. Set up radio equipment and talk to other folks in the USA and Canada doing the same thing. Make as many contacts as possible. Promote the amateur radio hobby and related emergency services that it provides.

Our official? 

Contest setup, expedition style. Folks from all over the USA come out to participate. Disregard anything related to the official event, as the folks who put it on and those that participate (by and large) are autistic rodeo clowns. Bring equipment and set up, and better hope that 10 months of planning was enough to factor everything as the nearest legit hardware store is 2.5 hours away. Don't get hurt because real medical care is the same distance.

Dominate the airwaves with folks who are capable of making large amounts of contacts. Our motto for 2017 was Making Field Day Great Again.

Eat food that is absolutely amazing, drink beers and whiskeys with your friends, tell lies, plan online troll scenarios, conduct club business, etc.
To be the best requires the most.
I have to admit, it does sound like fun.
Guns, bevrages, lawn chairs. Valhalla.
This one is for Don.

To be the best requires the most.

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